What is Philanthropy?  was viewed by the members of the Hope Association of Senior Professionals (HASP), in Holland Michigan, on June 22 and 29. “HASP is a peer led institute for learning in retirement and is constituted as a branch of Hope College. It is also affiliated with the Elderhostel Institute Network. Through a variety of classes, lectures, study groups, cultural and service events members pursue avenues of study and exchange ideas.”

The film was divided into two parts with discussions after each led by Jack Bender, an author from Zeeland, Michigan.  Producer Salvatore Alaimo attended the screening of part II and was impressed by the event and the discussion by the members after the screening. “Jack did a wonderful job of organizing the screenings and creating very thoughtful handouts for the members to use for the discussions.  He gets the overall premise and purpose of the film more than most people. The wealth of knowledge and experience in the room from those senior professionals was impressive and invaluable.  It showed from the advanced level of questions and comments. Every university and college should have such a group.”