• Mike Farrell, actor – star on M*A*S*H, Providence, stage and screen
  • Alex Smith – former All-Pro NFL quarterback
  • Dr. William G. Anderson – Civil Rights Leader
  • Charles Grassley – United States Senator
  • Evelyn Lauder – Estée Lauder Companies and co-founder of Breast Cancer Research Foundation
  • Nell Newman – Environmentalist and organic farming proponent
    Scholars Average citizens

What is Philanthropy? Documentary (Stream Online)


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Philanthropy is synonymous with American history, principles, and culture; yet it remains an evolving and largely misunderstood topic. What is Philanthropy? seeks to holistically and comprehensively enhance our understanding of giving and its role in American culture and society.

This film takes a holistic view of this important subject by presenting its historical context with contemporary issues and including various perspectives from a wide variety of stakeholders.

Through multiple formats, this film is appropriate for  the general public, high school students and higher education institutions. The power of visual learning is well documented by research, and this film will serve as a tool that parents, families, teachers, professors and instructors of all types can use to holistically convey and learn what role philanthropy plays in our lives. Footage is shot from all regions of the United States, and it presents multiple viewpoints and perspectives from a broad array of participants.

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Region 0 (Playable anywhere)


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